1. Attention East Bay Photographers

    Can anyone recommend a custom framing shop in Livermore/Dublin/Pleasanton area?  

    I had a pretty bad experience with my current framing shop and I am looking for someplace new. 

  2. I ended up having 2 photos explored on Flickr yesterday.  This one and the iPhone 6 photo I posted yesterday.  The iPhone photo picked up 11,000 views overnight, which is unheard of for me… making it one of my most viewed Flickr images. 

  3. iphone 6 image taken out the car window.

    (image replaced with my final edit)

  4. Thank you for the clouds today… My favorite image from his location. 

  5. City Park Series

  6. New website under construction

    Building a new webpage based on Squarespace. I was using a 500px portfolio but I couldn’t customize it and I have been feeling a little sour on 500px recently.  Let me know what you think of the new layout. I am waiting for the cname to move over.